How to increase your SEXUAL intimacy

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Everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle, and to have that ,you should take care of yourself, by controlling your diet, and be working out regularly, in order to manage your stress moments in your lifetime ,however some people luck the knowledge of their sexual health and how to restrain the problems before they take place, men, and women over the age of 50, their sex life will not be the same at the age of 20, because of the many changes in their body, that will affect the sexual life as well, like dropping hormones

levels for both, and many changes in circulation and neurology, will make many sexual problems, like vaginal dryness for women, and erectile dysfunction for men, also the external appearances will change when they become old, and that will cause many psychological problems,, that will decrease their selves confidence to perform better ,however all these issues is not a big deal, because we can take care of our sexual health to prevent the before it occurs, here are some tips to boost your sexual health and perform much better in bed and satisfy your partner.

1 Self-confident

To have a self-confidence is great because being in control is something special, it will make you enjoy and make your partner happy and satisfied as well
2 body language
make your partner feel desired and sexy. Body language confidence is sexual treasure, you should enjoy each other bodies to have the perfect performance,

3 Surprise your love

Try to change the bed design, and make a surprise for your partner, bring her from the work and show the surprise, it will be an amazing time to increase the sexual mood

4 having more love

If you have sex more time with your partner, you will be closer to her, and she will feel that you still take care of her emotions, however if you practice your love in a romantic atmosphere, you will magnet your partner to be more exciting to be in bed with you ,you can say that periodic sex is a great support for relationship that it keep it going forward in any situation ,try to please your partner and make her happy

5 Compliment

try to praise your partner in front of other people.and in your bed as well, its a great thing that will improve your partner self-esteem and make her feel a deep sense of love, that will increase the feeling to perform much better, and have a happy sexual relation
6 true intimacy
Especially during the sexual relation, try to make your partner feel the true intimacy and make her so loved, and totally connected, in a romantic silent bodies communication,
7 Working out
Exercising regularly, will increase circulation, and flowing the blood to all the right places. It also boosts your mood by decreasing stress and boosting your self-esteem. Working out, makes you feel more confident, however, exercise helps you control your body, and health care, that will make your sexual health in full control


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